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Simply put, if you love Greek food (and who doesn't right?) then this diner is made for you. Family run for several generations, you'll find all the traditional classics such as Split Pea Soup or Boiled Whole Turkey prepared fresh daily. Visit them today for an experience that you'll soon not forget in the city of Charlotte. A typical roadside stop that is often full and serving plates left, right and center. A bust spot and for good reason, the incredible service and just as worthy food. One great feature is that they are often open past midnight, so you can fill your cravings late, late, late. The dining room has a true inviting feel where you can bring family, feel at east and truly enjoy a nice afternoon or evening meal. Cozy, friend and inviting is what draws you back time and time again. The prices are also very fair considering all the meals here are homemade and with love. Nothing is frozen and pre-made.. you get your order created fresh for you. Breakfast, lunch and diner are all served here at your pleasure. We do love our breakfast, but to be frank, all the options found here are delicious and worthwhile. One great thing when you come here is that the menu is so large, you can order something new and never get bored. Trust us folks.. this old-school Diner with a NY feel is a winner.

Address / Location

4429 Central Ave.
Charlotte, NC 28205

Landmark Diner

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Split Pea Soup Three Cheese Manicotti Roasted Tom Turkey Landmark Diner Food Challah French Toast Louisiana Etouffee Tuxedo Mousse Roast Pork Special

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