La Colonial Tortilla Factory
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Excellent Mexican spot in El Paso that really is a blast to visit and eat at. We have to mention that the tortillas here are unlike any others you've had before, even in California. Excellent flavor and truly memorable - they really are the foundation of the meals here and will keep you coming back. Light and fluffy, they really will put a genuine smile on your face and satisfy your belly. In addition to the Tortillas, they have just as equally outstanding Burritos here as well. Be aware that they don't provide a seating area, but that's not really an issue. Grab it to go or eat in your car. Also, they close around 2pm during the week so be sure to come early so you don't miss out as they are closed weekends at this time. It's quite simple and delicious, not much else you can ask for. It's usually these hole-in-the-wall dining spots that shine as they don't worry about the glitz and glamor, instead they focus on the best quality and customer service. In addition, please bring cash as that's all they accept. Freshness is key here and you'll notice it from first bite compared to other fast food Mexican spots that don't even compare. You'll find out for yourselves when you visit.

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212 N Copia St
El Paso, TX 79905

La Colonial Tortilla Factory

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