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Listen friends, when it comes to a great classic diner meal, what is the first thing that really comes to mind? That's right, it's the classic old fashioned char broiled hamburger! Well Jim really succeeds in this area and even carries a variety that is stacked five patties high for those who have a big appetite. It's literally a leaning tower of patties but is worth every penny! These guys opened up for business in 1953 which is impressive to say the least. We love the basic cafeteria-style setup that has been in service for nearly seven decades. The chef may seem grumpy and the burgers come out greasy but it's truly perfection and we wouldn't have it any other way from Krazy Jims! Now, there is a process to the madness when you come here to order. First, choose how many patties you want. Second, select you bun and finally, decide if you want to add any grilled items such as mushrooms, eggs, bacon etc! Then at the end, you'll decide on cheese or the regular fixin condiments. We love this old school gritty joint and hope it never goes away.

Address / Location

551 S. Division St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Krazy Jims Blimpy Burger

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