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For an authentic European flare to dining, visit this awesome location to get your fill and more. Their Homemade Sausages follow absolute tradition and will blow you away. They also make a killer Szegedin Goulash that we consider to be our personal favorite. For real tradition, order the Varenyky as well. We've traveled all across the world and some of our favorite dishes come from Eastern Europe, such as Poland. So it's amazing to find this excellent Polish deli in the heart of Minneapolis. Most deli spots don't know how to run a restaurant and so with that being said, it's wonderful to find a place which handles both aspects of the operation wonderfully. Plenty of European style staples on the menu here that will give you a great new insight in to an incredible cuisine that you won't find in your typical classic American stuff. The dream began in the 1940's with Wasyl and Anna whom had the vision, work effort and dedication to make this place the staple it remains today. Much of what made them the success back nearly 70 years ago, stands true to this day. Everything here is still made by hand, from scratch. While machines can make it easier and more efficient, nothing truly beats the quality and authenticity breads, sausages and more made with hands. Ingredients are also, still, collected locally to support the local farmers. Freshness is key but the service and comfort also is at the highest level you can imagine. Trust, us, when in Minneapolis, this is the spot for everyone to stop by at. Delicious, A+++

Address / Location

215 East Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Kramarczuks Sausage Company

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Polish Food Pork

Cabbage Rolls - Holubet Fresh, Greasy Sausage Varenyky Kramarczuks Food Oktoberfest Pizza Pie Greek Loukaniko Sausage Shichimi Togarashi Hot Dog Smalec on Rye

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