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Without question, one of the very best spots to experience authentic Indonesian dishes in a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. When in Hollywood, this has always been one of our regular food stops and we urge you all to come try it out for yourselves as well. When they first opened for business back in 2013, they will admit they had no idea how to run a restaurant - but they were fueled by their passion for the cuisine and the motivation to share it with the people of Florida. Giving the locals the experience and opportunity to try the amazing range of drinks and foods from their home country, they knew it was something worth sharing. It began with delicious samples and small dishes to give the people a chance.. and has over the years blossomed into the popular dining spot in Hollywood today. Krakatoa Indonesian Cuisine has stayed true to their pillars and mission statement. These basic yet essential principles include serving freshly prepared, delicious foods, using only fresh ingredients in a clean and memorable atmosphere. Finally, they always aim to put a smile on your face, and they certainly are successful with our visits, each and every time. From the appetizers, to the entrees and finally desserts - everything here is amazing and we've never had a poor experience. We strongly urge you to get advice or recommendation from the very friendly and knowledgeable staff.. they will make sure you have the best of the best, especially if this is your first time with Indonesian dishes. The flavoring, presentation, sauces, everything is simply perfected through years of experience and family tested recipes. Check out this phenomenal eatery, you will never forget it.

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1857 N. 66th Avenue
Hollywood, FL 33024

Krakatoa Indonesian Cuisine

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