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This amazing spot in Cincinnati stems from the duo of Hideki and Yuko whom are the Chefs at Kiki College Hill. Their history stems back to culinary school in Osaka, Japan many years ago. Their shared passion for the traditions, methods and flavors of the Japanese traditions paired with their experiences with American cuisine has helped them create one of the best Asian spots to eat as far as we're concerned. In September of 2019, they rolled the dice and opened up this restaurant which allows them to share their skills and culinary passions with the rest of us. In essence, they strive to serve food which they love to eat, and this method works delightfully. You'll experience new and rich flavors here that you've never had before - and will love it. In our opinion, Kiki is the place to be and from the service, seating, pricing and overall experience - A+ all around each time we've been here. So many amazing choices from their evolving menu but some of the standouts in our eyes are the Pork Gyoza, Tamaki Hand Rolls, Shio Ramen, Jackfruit Karrage, Japanese Fried Chicken, wide range of Cocktails, Blueberry Sorbet, Napa Caesar Salad and much more. You'll have to visit Kiki College Hill for yourselves and make your own favorite memories as well.

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5932 Hamilton Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45224

Kiki College Hill on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

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Asian Food Soups & Stews

Shio Ramen Pepe Meshi Housemade Kimchi Kiki College Hill Food Japanese Sake Flight Grilled Japanese Eel Japanese Matcha Gelato Chicken Karaage

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