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Well over a century old, it's one of our most historical and favorite places to eat in NYC - no question about it. Italian cuisine in nature, there are not many other establishments which can even be mentioned in the same breath. When you come visit John's of 12th Street, be sure to try their handmade Meatballs that are from 100% veal or better yet, the original Tuscan Ragu here is also a gem that will captivate you. Be sure to wash it all down with a bottle or two of Marsala Wine that is chilled to perfection. It's the spot in New York to get your fill of classic red-sauce Italian-inspired specialties. We love the fact that it has history, dating back over 100 years to 1908. Italian from the start and to this very day, they have remained a staple in the community and THE standard to which by others try to go forward with their culinary dreams. When you come here, it's all about the old-school, homestyle Italian food - done to perfection. No need for anything fancy or try to re-invent the wheel when this is exactly as it should be in our eyes. One thing they are also very consistent with is the service, which is excellent from the moment you enter the doors to the second you walk out. Plenty of vegan cooking as well, actually far more than we were expecting. A nice surprise and full of delicious flavors to choose from.

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302 E. 12th St.
New York City, NY 10003

Johns of 12th Street

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Italian Food Steaks & Beef

Homemade Tuscan Ragu Meat Sauce Polpette di Vitello Pizza Johns of 12th Street Food Key Lime Pie Chicken Limone Eggplant Parm Seitan alla Rosa

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