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Well, the name gives it away and it's just as promising as it's titled. If you're into blue or jazz or have ever had any interest, this is the perfect spot to explore the amazing music along with splendid food and drink to pair. This Cuban based hot spot in the heart of Fairbanks is always a spot we visit to let lose and unwind. A casual setting which simply shines with the live music and entertainment - something that sets it levels ahead of the neighboring restaurants. These folks have been specializing in Latin fare for many years which are highlighted with fish and seafood options. They have been open for nearly a decade with their doors opening initially in 2015. They truly cover all the basics with vegan and glutton free options on top of the amazing cuisine, the place is truly a gem. The owner Rico always makes an appearance and ensures that everyone is truly satisfied. So much goodness here but some of the perfection made in the kitchen includes the Tres Leches Cakes, Cuban Salmon, Pernil Cubano, Lechon Asado, Steak dishes and more. True ambience of a great culture sharing their music, food and joy with the city of Fairbanks for Americans to enjoy. We value this spot and strongly encourage you to experience it at least once when nearby.

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527 4th Ave B
Fairbanks, AK 99701

Jazz Bistro on 4th

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Latin Food near me Pork

Bistec Cubano Lomo de Puerco Oven Roasted Chicken Jazz Bistro on 4th Food Steak Finale Pressed Cheesecake Cuban Salmon Shrimp Mofonga

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