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Actually based after a close friend of the owners whom was famous for making amazing meals all from scratch, on the go style. It really is hard to recommend just a few items but if we're forced we'd go with the world famous Mac's Mutton, Smoked Turkey with Melon Sauce or the addictive Almond Candy for your dessert. Without question, some of the most creative menu options we've come across in a long time. Overall, a fantastic spot for some fresh Southern sides paired with Barbecue for the ages! But.. as we're forced to make mention of from time to time, this spot has been shut down in recent years and is no longer available for service. Without question, this was one of our very favorite Lexington spots that we made many trips to to fill our BBQ cravings. Other favorites here included their Goat which was prepared in gourmet fashion. How many barbecue spots can you mention that prepare goat for a daily service. Exactly.. and that is why we will dearly miss this spot. The traditions an especially the sauces were always a tightly guarded secret which stayed in the family. We were never able to crack the recipe and it's just one of the many things that made this place shine with uniqueness. The desserts, as we briefly already mentioned, were also out of this world with items such as their trademark Pig Picking Pies! Opening their doors just recently in 2008, it's a true shame that they had to shut it down so soon, too soon. You will be missed, but we're hopeful that there will come another great spot to fill the large void in Kentucky.

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3101 Clays Mill Road #301
Lexington, KY 40503

JJ McBrewsters

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