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So first and foremost, these guys are know for their European style Kolaches which are delightful pastries filled with various jams and flavors. They are baked several times each day to ensure fresh and delicious Kolaches are available for you when you come by. You won't be eating last night batch, that's not how it works here and we appreciate that. The generations old recipe is used for the dough that is unmatched unless you go to Europe itself. There are various types of Kolaches which include veggie, meat and fruit fillings. These are also all local and fresh and prepared for you in front of your eyes. It's a nice Texan and Czech Republic mash up that always has customers waiting out the door to get theirs. Again, there are tons of varieties of Kolaches each day here with new ones popping up too. How does the Breakfast one sound? Or how about the Maple Pecan, Cream Cheese, Ranchero, Mixed Berry and so on and so forth. Literally any combination that has been thought of has been tried here and the popular ones stick around. A very friendly atmosphere with a smile when you come here. If you take them home, you'll also get re-heating instructions which make them seem like they were prepared just minutes ago. These guys are great, come visit.

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2030 South 900 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84105

Hruskas Kolaches

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