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With so many BBQ joints in our arsenal across the years of trave and culinary discovery, we're proud to suggest yet another excellent location here! They've mastered the art of the closed pit, as many to this day still often confused BBQ with an open flame concept. They know how to keep the rich flavors and juiciness in their meats while cooking them to perfection. With just over three decades of experience, they've got this business down pact and there is a reason the lines are often out the door. The famous Brisket is our favorite item on the menu and it's interesting to note that they smoke it for over 16 hours! When you come to eat here, it's all about time and quality, not a 3 minute burger. The in-house sauces also make it a treat to transform every meat in to something special. It's all about creative and fresh food here and if you love BBQ, then you'll surely love this place. It's all about the process and when you come here you'll see it's perfect.

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30590 Rancho California Rd
Temecula, CA 92591

Hobos BBQ

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Lumberjack Sandwich Jicama Salad Beef Brisket Fries Hobos BBQ Food Deep Fried Pickle Slices Bacon Mac n Cheese Hawaiian Pulled Pork Sandwich BBQ Spaghetti

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