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This ocean side gem has been serving locals and tourists for over 65 years and there is something on their menu for truly everyone. Originally a coffee shop, they have expanded to serving out freshly prepared full meals, which include specialties such as the Roast Tom Turkey or the Chicken and Dumplings which keep on giving. If you want comfort, homemade foods then this is your winning ticket when in San Diego. So much more here that will excite your taste buds such as the Denver omelette which includes our personal favorite item, the house skillet potatoes. Also, the Turkey melt sandwich, Corned beef hash, blueberry pancakes, chicken and waffles, blackberry muffins (seasonal) and more. The is without any hesitation a legit neighborhood gem. The Hob Nob Hill opened up their doors back in 1944 and to this very day, they continue with the same quality and high standards that they began with. We'd also like to point out that they have an extensive and delicious kids menu which is a rare find these days in diners. They'll make your dining experience a memorable one here, so be sure to stop on by.

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2271 First Ave
San Diego, CA 92101

Hob Nob Hill

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American Food Breakfast Diners

Coffee Cake Egg Omelet Waldorf Salad Hob Nob Hill Food Chicken Cream Soup Hot Roast Beef Sandwich Prime Rib Dinner Apple Muffin

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