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That's right, this place is known for the one and only, the classic American staple, the timeless, Hot Dog! When we made our visit to this place we were not expecting much, but after a few varieties of their dogs, we were convinced - they are the best of the best. Try the Doublewide or invite your family to attack the 10 pound Hot Dog which feeds 3 dozen people. Now that's a hot dog challenge unlike anything else out there. Located at a rustic food stand type setup, these guys have got it figured out with the no frills and all deliciousness. Cash only spot but tons of variety here and an ATM on site so not to worry. Plenty of other items here include the Fried Cauliflower, Garlic or Chili Cheese Fries, Mac Wedges, Nacho Cheese and more like Onion Rings. But listen, let's get back to the different hot dogs here and check out some of them like the Pizza Dog, Egg Dog, Whazzup Dog, Mothman Dog and more. Their local beer from Goodwood brewing is also a hit here and goes well with the food. Listen friends, if you're in the area then there is no reason to pass this place up. Such an awesome experience.

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6951 Ohio River Rd.
Lesage, WVV 25537

Hillbilly Hot Dogs

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Fast Food Hot Dogs / Sausage

Homewrecker Hot Dog Challenge Rahall Redhot Wiennie Single Wide Burger Hillbilly Hot Dogs Food Feliz NaviDog Chili Cheese Fries Mac and Cheese Wedges Bean Chili with Cheddar Cheese

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