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The journey is definitely worth it to this wonderful diner that is open all year round and really does contain some of the best quick eats you can ever dream of. Some of the most memorable meals will stem from their incredible in-house Sandwich collection in addition to the wide range of Tasty Chicken Wings. Dating back to the early 30's, places like these are such a joy to come across. The original concept of offering home-made meals in a friendly atmosphere remains strong to this day. Everything here is made from scratch with fresh ingredients and a love for the culinary craft. The flavors and quality shine due to this and you'll be shocked what a difference it can make in a meal. Eight decades strong and there are no signs of them slowing down, thank goodness. Down home Southern charm that is authentic and valued. Some great options here include their Chili Burgers, Pimento Cheese Fries and even classics like Grilled Cheese Sandwich is great.

Address / Location

602 N. Limestone St.
Gaffney, SC 28340

Harolds Cafe

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American Food near me Chicken Wings Places near me

Harolds Chili Burger Pinto Beans and Fatback Harolds Chili Dog Harolds Cafe Food Chicken Breast Filet Sandwich Fried Fatback Sandwich Club Sandwich Buffalo Chicken Strip Sandwich

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