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Great atmosphere, prices and of course the best Pizza spot in the Greenwich area that we've had the pleasure to come across in our worldly culinary journey. Founders and owners Matthew Watson and Jonathan Corbo grew up in the area and have remained loyal to the community they love. In a nutshell, the friends created a dining experience where they themselves would love to hang out at and experience. From the music to the fresh aroma of ingredients and crackling pies, to the hanging posters on the wall - it's an all-inviting Pizza spot which you immediately feel welcome at. The menu here is simple yet consistent and perfect to be quite honest. No need to overcomplicated things with crazy transformations or spins.. great Pizza is simply that and you can get it right here at Grigg Street Pizza. This is that Pizza spot that you'll wish you had nearby if you're not from Greenwich. Again simple menu which simply works with items such as Philly Cheesesteaks, Pepperoni Pizza, Margherita Pie, Arugula Pine Salad, Chicken Parm Sandwiches and more. Check them out.

Address / Location

1 Grigg St
Greenwich, CT 06830

Grigg Street Pizza

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Fast Food Pizza

Italian Wedge Sandwich Classic Pepperoni Slice Italian Garlic Knots Grigg Street Pizza Food White Pie Wing Dings Italian Philly Cheesesteak Perfect Pizza Crust

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