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One of our favorite diners are those that truly utilize the farm-to-table approach, which essentially means all ingredients are fresh and organic. Often times, these dedicated operations will use ingredients typically picked the day before your meal is prepared. We often ask ourselves, isn't this the standard by which all restaurants should follow? For thousands of years, this is how all meals were prepared and served, unlike the frozen and months old ingredients many spots follow today, sadly. When here, one of the most popular meal is their one-of-a-kind Meatloaf Mash that will fill even a hungry bear. In addition, the 100% Vegan Sloppy Joe is a great and delicious alternative for those Vegans out there. In fact, we have many friends whom couldn't even tell it was a Vegan sandwich. It happens to be one of our very favorite brunch excursions when we're in the city of Norfolk. Cafe's just happen to be one of our very favorite dining themes as you are never truly rushed and the atmosphere always tends to be laid back and chill. A great spot for something light, perhaps a nice beverage and a time of the day you can just unwind and relax. Get Fresh Cafe is exactly that type of dining destination and we highly recommend you come visit soon. Kids meal options here are also terrific for the parents out there and we also must mention that the sides of fruit which come with most meals, are quite plentiful and of course, super fresh. Without hesitation, this spot is that type which you most certainly will be returning to after your first experience.

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2500 Church St.
Norfolk, VA 23504

Get Fresh Cafe

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Meatloaf Vegan Sloppy Joe Kids Mac and Cheese Get Fresh Cafe Food Fish Tacos Challah French Toast Breakfast New Jacks Fried Chicken Strip Sandwich

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