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One of the most dramatic turnarounds for a restaurant, you wouldn't believe that it once was a Japanese Grill. Considering it's now a very busy and popular European specialty, they've made a complete flip in culinary style and revived the spot for a fresh new batch of customers. You'll have to be sure to experience it for yourself, items such as their Rouladen special, as well as the mouth watering Beet Sliders for the vegetarians to switch it up a tad. BUT, as once again we have to share the tragic news that on our most recent visit in 2014, we were saddened by the fact that Gatsby's Diner had closed it doors for good. Owner David Perez had decided to hang it up and look for other opportunities as his main area of expertise was as an architect and engineer. Without any hesitation, it was the essential neighborhood hamburger joint that simply everyone visit on a weekly basis. Often times you would see locals joined by new faces whom have come to find out what the best burger in Sacramento was all about. We had visited several times over the years when we were in town and always had a great meal, amazing service and felt the value was far and above what other competing burger joints had to offer. It was one of those spots that mastered the art of fresh patties and ingredients prepared on a grill to order.. not like the frozen type fast food places offer today. They set the trend before it was even a trend and deserve all the accolades of that feat for sure. Size was always large and you could taste the freshness with each bite you took. Full of flavor, juices, texture and more - everything you could ever ask of in a burger for sure. Again, service that should be a standard for the rest, we always felt welcome and left with a full belly and smiles!

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2598 Alta Arden Expressway
Sacramento, CA 95825

Gatsbys Diner

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Beet Sliders German Beef Rouladen Coffee Bean Smoked Pork Chop Gatsbys Diner Food Gatsby Burger Potato Chips Fire Burger Cowboy Burger

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