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This very popular Food Truck in British Columbia Canada, has been blowing away the competition thanks to the amazing unique, fresh and tasty menu options they offer. They specialize with organic fresh Seafood and we're happy to return time after time to get our feast on. Try the Canadian Mash of Poutine which has become a local legend, in addition to the Chicken Fried Oyster Sandwich that is filled with heaps upon heaps of freshly caught oysters. BUT, as we sometimes are forced to sadly report, Fresh Local Wild Food Truck that millions have come to adore has closed it doors for good. Back in 2015, they decided to end the amazing streak and move to other avenues. What we loved about this famous spot was that if you made a second appearance, there was a very high chance that they would remember you. Small yet memorable touches such as that made this place worthwhile. The portions here were also outstanding, especially the Poutine which really was impossible to finish alone. Great food truck experiences are hard to come by these days as so many have popped up and many don't keep up with the high level of excellence and customer service as this one did. Especially when it comes to fresh Vancouver seafood. Most Food Trucks focus on basics such as Tacos, Fries, Hot Dogs, etc.. but these folks always took it to the next level of foodie heaven! You will be sorely missed.. we wish the owners the best of luck in the future endeavours.

Address / Location

W Hastings and Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 1V3

Fresh Local Wild on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

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Chicken Fried Oyster Sandwich Seafood Poutine Fish and Chips Fresh Local Wild Food Chowder Poutine Thai Salad with Halibut Seafood Shawarma Salad Mushroom Poutine

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