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Farm-to-Table is always one of our favorite choices when dining out.. there is nothing more satisfying than the fresh and healthy ingredients found in the dishes. With produce sources locally and within walking distance] often from the restaurant, it's a fresh as can be and the taste and quality is unmatched. A fast casual style restaurant that is leading the way in today's ever changing yet health conscious food scene. The healthy foods and yummy craft drinks are fantastic. The creative cuisine options here are all fairy free, gluten free nut free, egg free and shellfish free.. you get the point now? Since 2015, they have rapidly grown to be the top of the line when it comes to creativity, flavors and overall dining experience. With well over 200 craft beers to choose from, you can pair a drink with any of their meals with ease. Once here, you can mix and match ingredients to create your own dishes, one of the highlights that always gets us excited. There is always plentiful amount of protein served here, so you can create just the right dish for your personal requirements. No need to stick with a pre-made selection that often times, isn't what the customer requires. The staff is always friendly and super efficient, no matter how long the wait lines during rush hour. We truly see this as the future of fast casual dining, be sure to check out this popular Bistro in the heart of Philadelphia.

Address / Location

10 S 20th St
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Farmers Keep

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Beef Bourguignon Shake n Bake Pork Chops Italian Style Meatballs Farmers Keep Food Brussel & Apple Salad Chorizo Beef Patties Miso Glazed Chicken Tuna Cakes

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