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With over 45 years of service in the books, Earl as really stepped up the game when it comes to what a diner should really represent. The best American style dishes are available such as Chicken a la King with Buttermilk Biscuits and a vast assortment of Pies for dessert. They are so good indeed, that we take a couple home for take out. We are truly and deeply saddened that this place has unfortunately come to a close and a local legend has shut its doors for the final time. We are honored to have been able to dine here on several occasions, and fortunate enough to be able to share the good word for many years before this place closed. For nearly a full century, it served the public in an exceptional manner - and we'll miss the twangy country music that brightened our souls when we arrived. The amazingly delicious home-style cuisine was unlike anything you've had before. we'd even wager to say that it was better than your moms cooking.. simply unmatched in every sense of the way in the dining world. Stopping at Earls was a must when you were passing through the Buffalo or Niagara Falls districts, a tradition of sorts. The theme and motto was always simple, and we'd like to remind you of it here - "food for the body, music for the soul". Real food was made here, with real ingredients and time-tested recipes. It will be sorely missed and if you never had a chance to visit.. then that makes us even sadder.

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12139 Olean Rd. at Rt 16
Chaffee, NY 14030

Earls Drive-In

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Hot Turkey Sandwich BLT Sandwich Stuffed Pork Chops Earls Drive-In Food Rye Toast, Eggs and Hash Breakfast Cherry, Strawberry and Rhubarb Pies Fish Fry Special Bean and Ham Soup

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