Dots Back Inn
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With a completely fresh, new and compelling feel to the traditional diner - this American classic spot really has a fantastic selection of menu items that will surely leave you coming back for more, we guarantee it. Classically trained chefs prepare White Wine and Artichokes and one of the newest items, Chicken with Feta which is the bomb. There is a limited bar but a bar nonetheless so take advantage if that's what you like. For those true old-timers, you'll know that this place was called Tom Toms back in the day. But regardless of the name change, it's still the same cool, hip place to hang at. Attentive service is awesome here and it's also very quick to get your meal once you order. You may also appreciate the old school pinup's on the walls, we thought it was a nice touch to give that real authentic retro feel. A genuine neighborhood eatery that the locals would probably love to keep to themselves, but now the secret is out of the bag! Some other hits here include the black bean corn cakes, bean burger, roasted beets and tons more. Check em out.

Address / Location

4030 Macarthur Ave.
Richmond, VA 23227

Dots Back Inn

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Chicken Macarthur Mediterranean Pie Sailor Sandwich Dots Back Inn Food Tuna Melt Blueberry Muffin Ice Cream Sandwich Club Sandwich with Potato Salad Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Omelette

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