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Always on the move, this food truck really is spectacular to say the least. Specializing in the finest tacos your taste buds have ever experienced, there are plenty of choices to select from. We suggest you try the Chinese-Mexican Tamales called Chimales in addition to your favorite taco that is surely available on the menu. However, as it's our duty to share good and bad news with our loyal followers, we have to officially announce that Lawrence and Dominic, the founders of Don Chow Tacos, have closed their doors for the final time. Their last day of service was February 14th, 2015 and it was a sad day not just for the wonderful city of Santa Monica, but also for the culinary world of Taco cuisine. Even to this day, it's quite difficult to find a worthwhile Chinese/Mexican fusion food truck and these folks did it amazingly well. They often had the largest and longest and most loyal food lines, and for good reason. Original an delicious creations such as their Chinese tamale is truly something we've never come across since. The food here was off the hook and each Taco truly had it's own distinct, creative and delicious flavor profile. Prices were always ridiculously low so you can grab a tone of food for an affordable price. Amazing spot that will be dearly missed especially for the Santa Monica food truck scene.

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West Los Angeles
Santa Monica, CA

Don Chow Tacos

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