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As the name would suggest, this old style diner has lines going out the door thanks to their world famous Chicken Recipes. Located on the infamous Route 66 highway, they've been doing it right since the early 30's. Give their Fried Chicken a true bite today and join the rest of those whom have had the pleasure. They also do it quite right with their house made pizza that will easily blow any big chain out of the water. If you're hungry, we strongly suggest you check out the buffet option as basically the entire menu is available to munch on. The salad bar is actually one of the best we've had the pleasure to experience. Besides the amazing, tender, secret recipe chicken here.. the rest is also just as great and worth trying. Other great choices here at Dell Rhea's include the baked macaroni and cheese, Home made potato chips with their side of Ranch, fried blueberry pie and of course their old fashioned ice cream floats. Without hesitation, even though there are countless option to dine at on Route 66, this place is worth the stop.

Address / Location

645 Joliet Road
Willowbrook, IL 60527

Dell Rheas Chicken Basket

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American Food Chicken & Wings

Chicken Basket Chicken and Dumpling Soup Chicken Drumstick Dell Rheas Chicken Basket Food Fried Mac and Cheese Balls Chicken Pot Pie Biscuits Pat Attack Burger

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