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There is nothing better than finding a hidden gem of a diner that only the locals are aware of that hasn't been spoiled or franchised by outsiders, yet. This is one of those places and the daily specials will have you coming back for more. If anything, be sure to try the Horseshoe Sandwich which is unlike anything you've had we promise. Been here for many years, they specialize with a great selection of breakfast options that are served all day, everyday. A great find on a long road trip that puts you in Springfield. Everything looks good so be sure to order what your heart desires. Delivering great food on the famous Route 66 since the early 90's, it's a pit stop you should not pass up. Sundays get busy but these guys keep the flow moving along and we've never experienced any hold up either. The aroma in the place is also great.. with so much to go around it's hard to select what to eat. Simply put, they did not disappoint and the service is always top notch.

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700 North St.
Springfield, IL 62704

Charlie Parkers

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Charlie Parkers Menu Famous Giant Pancake Pork Tenderloid Horseshoe Charlie Parkers Food Breakfast Shoe Breakfast Horseshoe French Toast Casserole Double Cheeseburger

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