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This must see Texas diner is a must for anyone that loves hot dogs and burgers. What this establishment provides is their own unique blend of home-made ingredients to set the tone right with everything on their unique menu. Their unique burgers include Hot Buffalo Sauce and Serrano Peppers and also worth mentioning is the famous, juicy, freshly grilled Amarillo Burger. A no-frills spot that also hosts a bar that offers a good choice of drinks to wet your lips on. The jukebox in the corner is also a nice touch and it's always got something playing on it to the entertainment of the of guests. On warm sunny days, be sure to take advantage of the outdoor patio seating. So much great stuff to try here such as the Verde Chili Fries (all fries here are Hand Cut), Chicago Burger, Madison Burger, Chicken Wings, Lemon Pepper Chicken Sandwich and more. We'd love to use the term Chillax here as it's exactly what you'll do here when you come. You'll also hear when here the talk about their Bloody Mary which is the best in the city - trust us, we've had a couple.

Address / Location

517 E 6th St.
Austin, TX 78701

Casino el Camino on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

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Amarillo Burger Chili and Cheese Hot Dog with Onions Verde Chili Fries Casino el Camino Food Wings The Pit Burger Bloody Mary Chicago Style Burger

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