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What makes this one of the best diners in the South when visiting America is that it's family owned and operated. Created nearly a century ago, the same flavors and friendliness that made it popular back then continues to do so to this very day. It's truly a classic phenomenon that is unlike any other eating place around. When there, you must try the Louisiana Oysters, Oyster Loaf, Homemade Gumbo and of course their now world-renowned Deep Fried Oysters. As you can tell, these guys are quite popular with their seafood dishes, but they also carry many other items to choose from. Opened their doors back in 1919 and they still have that same charm and nastalgia.. even the original mosaic-tiled walls are there to admire. Without question, it's truly a diamond-in-the-rough restaurant that continues to impress and draw in sell out crowds each week. Even if there happens to be a line when you arrive, don't worry too much as it moves quickly and the wait is so worth it. Why not then travel back in time and experience a diner as it ought to be.

Address / Location

4330 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA 70115

Casamentos Restaurant

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Seafood Crab

Casamentos Raw Oyster Appetizer Oyster Loaf on Pan Bread Bowl of Oyster Stew Soup Casamentos Restaurant Food Battered Crab Claws Garlic Bread Abita Beer - Restoration Pale Ale and Amber Creole Style Seafood Gumbo

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