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It's quite the story of former engineer turned to Chef Jerrier, whom set a simple goal of creating the best Neapolitan pies in the state of Texas. We are quite happy that he decided to change professions and follow his dream, as we love everything that comes out of his kitchen. Consider the Delia Pie or Pasta Amatriciana for starters but there is so much more to explore here and we'll get to that in a minute. In 1995, Jay Jerrier visited Italy and forever fell in love with the art of pizza when he bit down on his first slice of Italian Pizza there. One aspect which makes this spot stand out not just in the city, state of country is that they use an authentic wood-fire burning oven for all of their pies. This creates the most epic flavor profile in addition to crust that is unmatched from typical gas Pizza ovens. The dough here is also NEVER frozen. In-fact, it's all made fresh in-house each and every day. The process is also quite the wonder as each pie simply takes about 90 seconds to cook.. it's magical and the fact that the 900 degrees is flaming hot helps. Tons of amazing options here include their Pasta Carbonara, the Dessert Pizza (yes, it's a real dessert and amazing), Classic Crispy Pepperoni, fresh Calamari, Ella Pizza, Pizza with Brisket, Honey Bastard Pizza and some amazing Truffle Carbonara if this is your first visit.. seriously.. it's mint!

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2612 Commerce St.
Dallas, TX 75226

Cane Rosso

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Italian Food Pizza

Delia Pizza Pie Nutella Dessert Pizza Pasta Amatriciana Cane Rosso Food Pappardelle Pasta in Veal Ragu Pan Roasted Brussel Sprouts Meatball Lasagna Peach Bella Mela

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