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hen paying a visit to this strip mall on the outskirts of town, take a quick break from your shopping for a great diner experience that is surely to satisfy your hunger and thirst. What makes this place unique, we think, is that the owners are from Bosnia preparing specialties like Lamb Shanks, Spinach Burek as well as Fried Cheese that you simply cannot get enough of. It's hard to come across authentic Bosnian Cuisine but this Houston spot prepares it right on point. Now is your chance to experience Eastern European foods without leaving the comfort of Texas. However.. upon our recent return to this incredible spot, we are saddened to announce that Cafe Pita Plus has been permanently closed for service. We are not quite sure why, however there were some local rumblings that there was a chance of ownership and perhaps the quality and service declined. Even with our most recent visit, the place was due for a good renovation as things were beginning to fall apart slightly. However, the food was always excellent and the overall dining experience was on par. Unfortunately, they are gone and will be missed. However, we strong suggest that you use our cuisine and food types menus to located the next best Mediterranean restaurants near you.

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10890 Westheimer
Houston, TX 77042

Cafe Pita Plus

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Mediterranean Food Cheese

Cevap Sandwich Pirjan Lamb Shank Pljeskavica Sandwich Cafe Pita Food Bosnian Goulash Chicken Spinach Pizza Hadzijski Cevap Fried Sardines

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