Cabo Fish Taco
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Originally from the Baja area, this NC location does it justice so you won't be disappointed when you come by for an original Taco. All of the Fish Tacos are excellent, but we suggest you also consider the Mango BBQ Mahi Mahi Tacos - truly great with each bite. The start of this grand concept was that for those whom have traveled through the California Baja, the best Tacos are always found on road side food stands. These street trucks are always run by Mexican fisherman whom have been using generations old traditions and recipes to bring the best Tacos around. No bells and whistles.. just the basics like it should be - perfection. Over the year the blend of Mexican and Californian cuisine has created this amazing spot that we're always happy to recommend. They now have four locations with two in North Carolina and the other two in Virginia. They also have a sweet assortment of drinks here that are worth the visit on their own.. just nibble on some chips and salsa too which are complimentary, fresh and delicious. Service here is very quick, friendly and always thoughtful. Please do keep in mind that it's all made to order, for each and every person. Full menu that which include the traditional Mexican style taco, wrap, and burritos. Don't pass this place up folks, one of the best in Charlotte when you can't make it out to the Baja yourselves.

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3201 North Davidson St.
Charlotte, NC 28205

Cabo Fish Taco

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