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This place can be simply described with three simple words; Ramen, Izakaya and Whiskey. The first, well without question the best item on the menu. Time tested traditional Japanese noodles which always delight no matter the appetite or mood. The second, it's all about an enjoyable and welcoming atmosphere which encourages a socializing vibe while enjoy great food and drink. Finally, whiskey which has been distilled by the Japanese for hundreds of years to what we call, pure perfection. It's a great place to explore the origins of this Asian variety. A solid 5 star all around with regards to environment and food and drink. It's a place to really let go and just let the worries of the real world outside slip away. Wether just in for a meal or drinks or both, this is the place in St Petersburg to check out. A cohesive restaurant that is simple amazing. We suggest going through the menu and taking advantage of all areas especially the appetizers and dessert which most people tend to skip. Enjoy!

Address / Location

911 Central Ave
St. Petersburg, FL 33705

Buya Ramen

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Short Rib Ramen Pork Belly Bun Edamame Buya Ramen Food Seafood Ramen Pork Gyoza Blistered Shishito Peppers Duck Ramen

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