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One of the most classically based diners you'll find that are still serving traditionally prepared diner burgers. Hamburgers truly are the most recognizable staples of one of these types of joints and there is no question their homemade, never-frozen menu items will make you come back for more. Nothing beats fresh and nothing should be frozen and thawed to order. It just doesn't have the same quality, essence and enjoyment. Hamburgers here are handmade on site, which is something none of the big chain fast food restaurants these days can ever claim. This makes the burgers juicy, tender and full of fresh flavor that was never frozen. The old-school walk up counter will take you back to the 50's and really appreciate what a true diner is all about. They also have massive milkshakes that are never ending and full of rich, smooth goodness. You just can't go wrong at the Burger Bar friends. It's actually a nice twist on the old-school style when they offer up a monthly special of exotic meat.. so if you want to sway from traditional, that option is always there too. What also makes the burgers so great is the bun, because without a great bun the whole deal goes south. So, whether you want a kangaroo meat burger or an old-school classic, it's all here for you.

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5291 S 1900 W
Roy, UT 84067

Burger Bar on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

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