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With several awards throughout the DC area, these guys truly know how to do it right! With real names Mae and Irv, they started out as teenagers in Southern Philadelphia eventually falling in love and getting hitched. Raised and fond of home-style recipes of meals and recipes they knew they would carry on the tradition through their own establishment. They mastered their own unique and now famous Italian Style Hoagie along with brisket style sandwiches. Going back over 60 years to these iconic recipes, the tradition continues within the family as the grand kids carry the torch and bring you the amazing dishes and desserts to this day. Visit this unique and fantastic place to eat and consider their Kennebeck Potato Chips homemade Onion Dip, made-from-scratch Pickles, famous DC Clam Chowder Soup, Freshly prepared Salads, Philly Style Chicken Wings with Giardinera and Maytag-Ranch, Sandwiches, in-house prepared Desserts and so much more. Always adding to their menu while keeping their traditional favorites, there really is something for everyone with every appetite.

Address / Location

1815 M St NW
Washington, DC 20036

Bub and Pops

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Kennebeck Potato Chips Bolognese Parmesan Sandwich The Real Obama Sandwich Bub and Pops Food The Robert Lynch Sandwich The Bulgarian Feta Sandwich Pepper Hash Jewish Hoagie

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