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Awesome assortment of drinks and foods that will leave you and your friends fully satisfied. Regardless of what the name of the pub claims, the last thing you will find yourself is bored lol. The Roasted Mushroom Polenta here served fresh to order and simply a mere ten bucks is great, but for your thirst you have your choice of over 300 whiskeys! Yes, we just had to slip that in there, these folks at the Broken Record are without question on their whiskey game and we challenge any pub or bar to say otherwise. Now, as they may be call the Broken Record, they are anything but that as in our experience, a breath of fresh air. Totally laid back as can be for a pub that hosts an amazing outdoor patio that you must take advantage of when here. Being in San Francisco, we were at first quite pleasantly surprised that they have mastered the art of Soul Food cooking here. Not something you might automatically assume as California is the wrong side of the continent for that. The Chef here is always full of good and fun energy that makes the dining experience unique yet memorable enough to return for a repeat visit. Again, we want to make it perfectly clear that the food served here is well above and beyond any expectations you may have. Portions are very generous as well so come hungry or bring a friend or party to share in the goodness - heck that even allow to order more items to try and share at the same time. Win-win. Keep in mind that the Broken Record is a cash-only experience, so be prepared.

Address / Location

1166 Geneva Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94112

Broken Record

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Pub & Bar Food French Fries & Onion Rings

Oxtail Polenta Crispy Tiger Prawn Sandwich Truffle Mac and Cheese Broken Record Food Crawfish Grits Tuna Wrap Sweet Potatertots Pork Waffle

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