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One of the best things about genuine and authentic diners that you'll come across in America, is that they are family run and owned. This allows for the genuine and traditional comfort foods to shine, in a welcoming atmosphere like you'll find here at Brandy's. Try their Tenderloin Beef Stew if you're craving delicious meat, they prepare it with perfection each and every time. We love the combination of an art gallery with their quirky cafe atmosphere. Really original and authentic which makes the dining experience enjoyable rather than bland. If you want to just sit back and read a book or chat with a friend in a relaxed spot, this is it - and be sure to check out their list of terrific gourmet coffees too. The city of Flagstaff is truly fortunate to have Brandy's here - a place where every city across the USA should have. Great spin on popular dishes here are delicious which include the breakfast burrito, Neptune Benedict loaded with Crab, Corn Beef or California Sandwiches, Trout with Eggs, and of course their bottomless coffee. Staff is friendly, food is good, hot and plentiful every time.

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1500 E Cedar Avenue
Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Brandys Restaurant-bakery

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