Bluebird Barbecue
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Wonderful barbecue spot in Vermont that we're always willing to recommend to our readers. Simple, laid-back vibe that really keeps it basic with style. We love the metal trays your food is served on and of course the actual variety of slow-cooked meats you get to indulge in each time. As they like to point out, barbecue truly does bring people together at this spot. The sides here are also fantastic and of course, all made from scratch on site. And for those who enjoy a great drink well they don't disappoint with their arrangement of craft beers, cocktails and wine selections. This is a place to truly unwind, smile with a good meal and leave feeling fully satisfied. They have won many recognized awards for this food and service and you'll immediately understand why once you come to Bluebird. Dine in or take-out, the choice is yours. We often dine in, then take a handful of goodies home for the next day. Recently opened as well for lunch hours from Tuesday through Sunday, it's honestly the place to eat when you're craving authentic, slow-cooked bbq in the city of Burlington.

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317 Riverside Ave
Burlington, VT 05401

Bluebird Barbecue

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Smoked Chicken Wings BBQ Corn Smokey Old Fashioned Bluebird Barbecue Food BBQ Ramen Smoked BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich BBQ Poutine Fried BBQ Brussels

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