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Essentially, this is the place to be at if you're a fan of Chili, as they prepare and serve it in so many unique, original and delicious ways. Chili lovers, we promise that you'll never be bored. When you order, you can try the 6-way, 5-way, 4-way or 3-way which entails the amount of ingredients and components used. Walnut Chicken is also great here if you're not in the mood for their amazing Chili, or simply want more. You'll love the diner-style atmosphere they've created and stay true to over the many years in business. When you happen to swing by one of our favorite US cities Cincinnati, or are lucky enough to live here, Blue Ash Chili is always the talk of the town and worth a visit. Of course, Cincinnati-style chili is world-famous and these folks truly keep it as authentic and original as can be. But, if you truly wish to experience the joy of the menu here then you must take a glance over the range of Double-Decker Sandwiches, soooooo good! Since 1969, these folk have been a true landmark in the city and they have happily served many generations over the years. Often times, you'll see fellow guest in their senior years that will tell of stories of dining here when they were just kids. It's spots like these that stand the test of time and truly have the best local following that make our list. We also must mention their hearty breakfast dishes that you can start your day off just right with. Always made from scratch and made to order, the amazing scent of home cooking takes over the place when you wait for your meal. Least but not last.. take advantage of their beer, wine or cocktail options to make your meal just right.

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9565 Kenwood Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45242

Blue Ash Chili Restaurant on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

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American Food Chili

6-Way Chili Chili Philly Beef and Swiss Sandwich Blue Ash Chili Restaurant Food Chili Bowl Double Decker Sandwich Cheesy Coney Dogs Bowl of Coleslaw

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