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Those diners that contain that something special usually do so because of family values. When there are generations of family in a location you can bet that the food, tradition and atmosphere will be as great as this one. The classics here are plenty but one sure stand out is the Mofongo with it's authentic Puerto Rican root that shine through the aroma and flavors. Homestyle Puerto Rican meals are rich in tradition, flavor, heritage and just plain ole delicious. Taking recipes that have been around for centuries, this diner has brought them to South Miami so the rest of the world, especially the United States can enjoy and appreciate. Brightly colored and vibrant interior decor sets the vibe that is Puerto Rican. You also can't miss the fountain inside.. adds a splash of originality too. For those familiar with this cuisine, you'll be glad to know they offer classic such as Mofongo con Langosta al Ajillo, Flan-cocho de vainilla y queso, Mofongo con carne frita and of course the very popular Majarete de maĆ­z y coco. Service is excellent and they always treat you like family.

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2500 SW 107th Ave.
South Miami, FL 33165

Bennys Seafood Restaurant

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Marinated Conch Salad Mofongo Fried Shrimp Bennys Seafood Restaurant Food Pork Chops Lobster Bisque Coconut Rice Pudding Bistec Encabollado

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