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With such a recent trend in Vegan dining in the Nation, it's fantastic to come across this Vegan gem that we're so happy to recommend. Plus, it's not your regular typical American classics that we're all used to pretty much all over the place.. instead it's a new, delicious and refreshing spin consisting of Israeli & Middle Eastern foods. The master behind all of the great creations here is Chef Tal Caspi, a true inspiration when it comes to new-age culinary magic. It's all about the ingredients and everything simply falls in to place once the core is there. Fresh, local and always prepared to order so you get the explosion of flavors your pallet deserves. Open 7 days a week, they also cater to any local event which is the best of both worlds at your special occasion. Especially weddings where you will have personalized tasting with the head chef himself so you get your menu just perfect. Again, for those new to Middle-Easter cuisine, you will instantly fall in love with the expertly blended flavors and textures which clearly shows they LOVE food and take the time to make it amazing. No frozen or microwaved non-sense here, just quality and incredible results. In addition, if the word "Vegan" still scares you a tad, then this is the best place to experience how amazing and just as filling, delicious and nutritious it is to your carnivore counterparts. Also, do NOT skip on the desserts!

Address / Location

1125 SE Division St
Portland, OR 97202


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Horchata Sabich Bowl Avocado Toast Aviv Food Shakshuka Shawarma Fries Vegan Scotch Egg Beet Salad

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