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With many local awards for the best restaurant and bakery in Ottawa, it's about time they get the recognition they deserve and we're pleased to share them with you today. So much to choose from here including breads, pastries and baguettes - all prepared fresh each morning. Using only real and often times locally sourced ingredients, the quality is as good as it gets here. You'll experience elevated comfort food here. They aim to make you happy with delicious foods and the perfect cup of coffee. Kevin Mathieson is more than the pastry chef, he's a real artist of the culinary world. The goal is to craft incredible meals, snacks and desserts and truly allow for a memorable time instead of a rush fast food experience most of us or used to. Perhaps the best breakfast spot in the area.. there is always something there for everyone. Some highlights include the avocado toast, butter croissant, seafood chowder but of course the freshly baked bread that you can smell walking down the street. Extremely warm and welcoming spot that you can feel at easy and start the day off right. Be sure to visit, this spot is not to be passed up by any means when in Ottawa.

Address / Location

250 City Centre Avenue
Ottawa, ON K1R 1C7

Art-Is-In Bakery

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Perfectly Poached Egg Tuna Melt Sandwich Apple Cinnamon Kronut Art-Is-In Bakery Food Clam Chowder Almond Filled Croissant French Toast Stack Artisan Pizza

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