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This place is out of this world with amazing flavors and selections from authentic, Puertorrican cuisine! On top of that, it's a roaming food truck that has been voted the number one mobile kitchen in the city of Denver in 2017 and 2018. In addition, the #18 best food truck across America - so as you can see it's easily on our list of food spots across the world. When you come here, you can experience all of the famous, homestyle dishes from the island. Opened up recently in the Spring of 2016, this place filled a void that was eagerly lacking. They keep it simple with authentic recipes and methods to prepare the food, to bring you flavors and dishes which you've never come across while in the USA. Sure, Caribbean style food is spread across everywhere these days, but it's hard to located an authentic spot that keeps it real. The aroma of the fresh dished brought out to you are amazing.. your mouth will salivate before you even take your first bite. There is always a line but that is always a sign of great things within. Check them out.. find out why they're the number one food truck in Denver!

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Denver Metro Area
Denver, CO 80210

Areyto Food Truck

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Pork Bowl with Amarillos Veggie Jibarito Alcapurrias Areyto Food Truck Food Sancocho Bean Mofongo Cheeseballs Chicken Mofongo

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