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You can't even mention the word diner and leave out breakfast - it simply goes hand in hand and has become part of the dining tradition. What sets this location apart from the competition is their use of homemade French Toast Batter, a trademark item that is worth the visit alone. Small space with an old school ambience that is always full of locals with a sprinkle or tourist throughout. You're treated like part of the family, and you'll feel at peace and ready to eat when you're here. Ask any local about where to eat, this is the first and last place you'll hear about. Worried about the line? Don't, it's worth the wait. If you're like most of the popular and you love a hearty breakfast, this is truly where all of your dreams do come true. Be aware that's it's cash only, like a true old-school diner. While you will wait, the reasonable prices, generous portions and fantastic service makes it all worth while.

Address / Location

413 14th Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Als Breakfast

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Breakfast Omelette Strawberry French Toast Eggs Benedict Als Breakfast Food Suzette Waffle Jose Eggs Breakfast Hot Pepper Eggs Bacon Waffle

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